Episode 6 – Deb Cinkus at Polished Geek

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hotair podcast episode 6 deb cinkus

On the Hot Air podcast, we talk with people involved with digital agencies. We discuss business models, strategies, and tools for making your agency successful. And along the way, we hope to have a little fun and make some friends.

On this episode of the pod, we’re speaking with Deb Cinkus.

Deb runs a conversion optimization agency called Polished Geek. Deb has made some fascinating and bold choices over the years. She moved with several of her employees from North Carolina to Guatemala. She also pivoted from web development to conversion marketing.

Deb talks about her process for working through major business changes and reveals that she’s already planning the next shift! Deb also takes us on a tour of the tools she uses for personalization and conversion, including RightMessage, ConvertFlow, and Evergage.

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