Features of the Watchful website manager

Watchful is a remote website manager and maintenance tool. Watchful features intelligent automation and flexible bulk tools to dramatically reduce the time required to backup, update, and secure all of the sites you manage.

Website Security

Website security

System-wide vulnerability scans help detect intruders early, identify possible security issues, and inform you if your sites appear on blacklists.

Cloud Backups

Cloud backups

Watchful works with popular software tools to schedule backups, store them in the cloud, and notify you if they become stale.

Bulk Updater

Bulk updates

Our flexible update tools can be used in 3 ways: 1-off updates, bulk update all software on a single site, or bulk update one software across all your sites.

Client Reports

Client reports

White-label reports featuring your name and logo keep clients updated with all your maintenance tasks and keep you top-of-mind for new work.

Website Organizer

Website organizer

Compatible with all web hosts, the customizable sites dashboard keeps you organized and gives quick access to site information and status.

Seo Analyzer

SEO audit

This audit checks for SEO best-practices such as use of the title tag, heading tags structure, W3C validation, broken links, and sitemap and robots.txt usage.

Bulk Installer 2022

Bulk installer

Install plugins on some or all of your sites at once with our bulk installer. This tool can also be used to install updated plugins with security fixes before the official updates are released.

Visitor Activity

Visitor activity

Link one or more Google Analytics accounts to easily monitor traffic patterns, visitor behavior, and referral sources without ever leaving Watchful.

Maintenance Logs

Maintenance logs

Records every software install/update, completed backup, downtime event and more. Logs are a great addition to reports and useful for troubleshooting.

Looking to save even more time?

Check out the extra features included with Watchful Premium:

Productivity Dashboard

Productivity dashboard

By analyzing data from all of the sites in your account, maintenance tasks are prioritized. Direct links to efficiently resolve issues are provided.

Uptime Monitoring

Uptime monitoring

Be notified when your sites are down so you can fix problems quickly. Or use the downtime history for troubleshooting and quality control.

Premium Updates Manager 2022

Premium updates

Watchful is the only maintenance tool that offers centralized license management. This prevents license misuse and simplifies license changes.

Scheduled Reports

Scheduled reports

Create unlimited report profiles and automatically send white-labelled reports to your clients. Flexible options include weekly, monthly and quarterly.

Update Scheduling

Scheduled updates

Take control of automatic updates by scheduling them for regular business hours, or pausing them while on vacation or when backups are stale.

Extra Backup Profiles

Extra backup profiles

Use different backup schedules and distinct backup profiles to create a unique backup schedule for every site.

Update Fresh

Update “fresh” sites

Limit bulk updates to sites that have a recent backup. As the backup status changes, the Update Fresh tool adapts in real time.

Single Sign On

Single sign-on

Easily manage access to all your sites with Watchful’s centralized single sign-on tool.

Api Access

App builder / API

Use the API to build custom applications or integrate site details and maintenance activity into your existing tools & services.

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