Resolve outages quickly with uptime monitoring

Most hosts promise 99.9% uptime. But this rarely happens in practice. Thus, using uptime monitoring on all of your sites is very important.

Instant notifications help you resolve outages quickly

One of the most important jobs of a website developer or maintainer is keeping websites online. But even with the best maintenance practices, sometimes a site goes offline. As you can see below, outages are logged when sites go offline and again when they come back online.

Watchful also offers real-time notifications for outages across all of your sites. Instant notifications means that the issue can be identified and resolved as quickly as possible.

Uptime Monitoring Events Modal
History of uptime and downtime events as well as long-term uptime averages.

Use uptime monitoring to assess your web hosting service

In addition to tracking individual outages, we also keep a running average for uptime. One, 7, and 30 days, and the all time average uptime are constantly updated.

You can use these data to discuss any outage issues you may be having with your host. The exact time of outages may also help your host pinpoint technical issues with your server and/or website.

Easily share uptime data with your clients

Using either client reports or directly exporting uptime data, Watchful makes it easy to share your uptime statistics with your clients. This is convenient whether you’re reassuring your client of the quality of your services or illustrating the rarity of downtime events following an outage.

Below is a preview of the uptime data when included in a client report.

Uptime Monitoring Events Reports
Uptime data as it appears in client reports.

Quickly review uptime status

The account dashboard is an area of Watchful that helps you identify critical maintenance issues and fix them quickly. As shown below, uptime monitoring is one of the primary metrics shown in the status area of this dashboard.

You can use the account dashboard to quickly see if some of your sites are offline and then examine each site for the cause of the outage.

Productivity Dashboard Graphs
Account dashboard showing graphs of sites status.
Uptime monitoring is a Premium feature.