About Watchful

About Watchful

About Watchful

Watchful is the only full-featured, website maintenance tool that makes it fast and easy to perform updates for both free and commercial add-ons. With automatic backups, integrated uptime monitoring, activity logging, remote add-on installation, intrusion detection and automated reporting, Watchful is an essential tool for all WordPress & Joomla professionals.

Watchful launched in 2012 and is based in Sussex, Wisconsin (USA). Our international team is split between the US, Italy, and Romania. 

2020 Watchful Team
The Watchful team at their annual summit in London.

Meet the Watchful Team​

Aris Ongaro, Senior Backend Engineer

Aris Ongaro

Senior Backend Engineer

When he's not coding, Aris enjoys cooking, walking, wine/beer tastings, and playing board games.

Francesco Abeni, Chief Technical Officer

Francesco Abeni

Chief Technical Officer

Francesco is passionate about code refactoring. In his spare time he likes to volunteer at his local library, read, or to walk and explore.

Matthew Philogene, Systems Administrator

Matthew Philogene

Systems Administrator

Matthew is a great lover of traveling and the outdoors, and can often be found hiking in the mountains. He's also fond of cycling regardless of the conditions.

Steve Burge, Strategy

Steve Burge


An expat from the UK, Steve now resides in sunny Florida where he can mock his colleagues in the snowy Midwest. He enjoys soccer, running, cycling, and spending time with family.

Vali-Nicuşor Barbu, Support & Integrations Engineer

Vali-Nicuşor Barbu

Support & Integrations Engineer

Vali enjoys spending time with his young family, traveling, and working out. He loves working with his hands repairing bicycles and maintain his prized BMW.

Vic Drover, CEO & Product Manager

Vic Drover

CEO & Product Manager

Originally from Canada, Victor is a dual citizen now living in the USA. He enjoys cooking, golfing, coaching rugby at the local high school, cycling and most of all travel.

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