Improve search results with the SEO Audit

The SEO Audit is a technical SEO analysis of your site. The audit checks for best-practices in three categories: (i) Standards compliance, (ii) Content, and (iii) Optimizations.

Together, these tests detect technical issues such as use of the title tag, heading structure, W3C validation, broken links, the presence of a sitemap and correct use of robots.txt file. And fixing any issues detected will help your site rank higher in search engines.

Watchful’s SEO Audit examines any URL on your website including the homepage.

Improve search results with the SEO Audit

Standards compliance

This section of the audit focuses on HTML best practices and W3C standards compliance.

Seo Analyzer Standards Compliance
Items checked in the standards compliance area of the audit.


This section of the audit examines the content of the page such as the proper use of headings, links, and images. In addition, keyword consistency in the URL and the page content is measured.

Seo Analyzer Content
Items checked in the content area of the audit.


This section of the audit lists items that can boost performance in search engines by optimizing for web crawlers that try to index your website.

Seo Analyzer Optimization
Items checked in the optimizations area of the audit.

Boosting SEO performance

Repeat the audit as often as needed. To boost SEO performance, make changes to your site and repeat the audit until all the areas report high grades or green checkmarks.

This tool is available to both free and Premium Watchful users.

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