Automatic scheduled reports sent from your own email address

Premium account holders may send automatic scheduled reports to their clients. This includes the following advanced features:

  • Quarterly and annual reports
  • Scheduled report emails
  • Emailing reports from a custom domain
Next Send On Date
Scheduling report emails in Watchful Premium.

Quarterly and annual reports

Unlike free accounts, premium accounts save website activity data for up to 24 months. Thus, quarterly and annual reports are possible.

Depending on your billing cycles or the frequency of communication, these longer reports provide the flexibility to suit almost any agency model.

Scheduled report emails

Premium users can save an unlimited number of report profiles, usually one per client or one per report. The profiles contain the date range as well as any customizations to the content and branding.

As shown below, these profiles include email schedules so that reports are automatically sent to clients. The last sent on and next send on dates are shown to make it easy to keep track of the sending schedule for each profile.

Scheduled Report Profiles
Sample report profiles.

Emailing reports from a custom domain

Sending a report from a branded email account is the ultimate way to white-label your reports and maximize email open rates.

This feature supports any email account with SMTP server access.

Custom Smtp Settings
Sample SMTP settings for sending emails from a custom domain/address.
Scheduled report emails is a Premium feature.