Premium plugin updates with centralized license management

Paid plugins are critical to the success of most websites. But managing premium plugin updates can be a challenge.

From the risk of license abuse by end users to tediously adding the same license key to many websites at once, premium updates are burdensome.

Centralize your premium plugin updates

Watchful uses a centralized license manager to streamline premium updates. Rather than entering license keys in every site, simply enter them once at Watchful. We will do all the heavy lifting to authenticate any available updates to meet the needs and expectations of both software developers and site creators/maintainers.

First, our update system respects any domain-restrictions. In this way, we only deliver updates to authorized domains per the licensing of each plugin.

Second, it vastly simplifies maintaining license keys by storing them in a single place. Gone are the days of worrying about license keys still located on the sites of former clients.

And if your license changes, you only need to update the key in one place. You’ll be back to updating your premium plugins without even having to log into a single website.

Premium Plugin Updater
Premium plugin updater for WordPress.

Premium updates & the bulk updater

The centralized license manager is wholly integrated with all of our update tools including the bulk updater, the automatic updater, and the update fresh tool.

Updating both free and paid plugins in one seamless experience makes short work of your most common maintenance task.

Hundreds of supported premium plugins

Watchful supports a growing list of premium plugins.

Premium plugin updates is a Premium feature.