Multiple backup schedules and backup contents for each site

With Watchful Premium, you are free to schedule up to three separate and independent backups for each site. This lets you customize your backup strategy on a per-site basis.

Importantly, for any one site you can choose to backup different site contents at different times. For example, you may want to backup your database daily while backing up your entire file system monthly. Or if you add images to your site regularly, you could backup only the uploads folder on a weekly basis.

Multiple Backup Profiles
Scheduling multiple backups in Watchful.

Backup a specific profile in real-time

When performing regular site maintenance, there are times when you must perform an ad-hoc backup in real time. With multiple backup profiles configured for your sites, this can be done right from Watchful with a choice in a drop-down selector.

Manual Backup Profile Selector
Choosing a backup profile in the Watchful backup modal.
Multiple backup schedules is a Premium feature.