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Multi-CMS Dashboard

Manage sites built with the most popular software side-by-side

Watchful allows you to manage sites built with the two most popular content management systems — WordPress and Joomla! — with ease. All sites appear side-by-side in your Dashboard, and can be scanned, backed-up, and updated using the same seamless experience.

Intuitive filters and sort tools can be used to re-order and/or limit the sites displayed so maintenance workflows can be tailored to your specific needs. And our Site and SEO audits work perfectly with all your sites, no matter which platform you are using.

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Backup Manager

Always know if your site has been backed up recently

The Backup Monitor allows you to review the status of your 10 most recent backups. The date and time of the most recent backup is also displayed on the Dashboard.

Together, these features provide a convenient way to determine if your backup is recent enough for site maintenance to be performed, or if a new backup must be created first.

The Stale Backup warning feature will also proactively notify you if the most recent backup has become outdated.



Seamless updates for both free and commercial plugins/extensions

The easiest way to protect your websites is to keep the CMS software and any add-ons up-to-date.

Watchful can seamlessly update every free plugin/extension on the WordPress and Joomla repositories as well commercial and premium plugins like All-in-one WP Migration, Akeeba Backup Pro, and JCE. Watchful can even update these for you automatically if you like.

Watchful's centralized license manager means that you don't need to store license keys remotely on client sites. 

Remote Installer

Install extensions in bulk for standardized or customized changes to your websites

The Remote Installer allows you to install extensions or perform manual software updates to your web sites.

The installers and updaters can be uploaded from your PC, selected from your dropbox account or installed from a URL.

In each case, the file will be applied to any or all of your sites in a single pass making uniform and standardized changes to your sites fast and easy.


SEO Audit

Keep your website at the top of search engines.

Be sure that the technical aspects of your website are properly configured with the SEO Audit.   

The audit detects problems such as broken links, missing sitemaps, and content relevance — and recommends fixes — to ensure that your site is performing at it's very best when indexed by search engines.

Site Audit

Be sure that website best-practices are followed and remain in effect

The Site Audit checks your site for security best-practices, hacked or modified core CMS files, and malware.

If any problems are detected, advice and/or simple tools are provided to help fix any issues.


Single Sign-On

Manage your agency developers in a central location

With Single Sign-On or SSO, you can reduce password fatigue and improve security by centralizing managing administrative access to your watchful-powered websites.


Simply add the user to the SSO manager - including strong passwords and appropriate user groups - and the developer will have access to all your sites with one set of credentials.

Adding, removing, or editing SSO users - including password and email changes - is simple and only needs to be done once for all your sites.



Develop your own custom applications with watchful

The API allows you to use watchful features in your own custom applications and to mix and match watchful with other products and services.

Check out the full, interactive documentation to learn how easy it is to get started with the API.