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Plugin & Extension Tracker

Keep track of all your WordPress plugins & Joomla extensions

The Plugin & Extension Tracker allows you to easily browse all of the plugins and extensions added to your websites and logs any changes for unexpected modifications. By correlating the dates of extension installations or upgrades to any bugs that arise on your sites, this logging feature greatly improves the troubleshooting process.

The tracker also integrates with our system-wide search tools. This makes it fast and easy to locate all of your sites with specific plugins/extensions โ€” and even a specific version of an plugin โ€” so that maintenance tasks such as security updates can be applied quickly and efficiently to the sites that need them.

Server Status

Be on the lookout for changes in your primary server status

Watchful monitors your sites for changes in IP Address as well as changes in PHP and MySQL versions โ€” two of the most important services delivered by your server/web host.

By logging and sending notifications of changes to these services, you can quickly resolve any problems or bugs that arise with your websites.

Uptime Monitor

Be notified when a site goes down

The Uptime Monitor checks your site every minute of every day to make sure it is online. If your site cannot be reached, a notification is sent and the problem recorded.

The monitor displays the last 10 uptime/downtime events and calculates the percentage uptime for the last day, 7 days, 30 days, and throughout the lifetime of your site. This information can downloaded as a PDF to present to your clients.

It also checks your SSL certificate (for HTTPS sites), makes sure it's configured properly, and notifies you if/when it is expiring.

White-Label Reports

Generate great looking reports for your clients to showcase the value of your services

Our white-label reporting tool makes it easy to generate reports for your clients. Reports can be generated on a per-site basis, or based on tags, giving you a lot of flexibility in the report contents.

Each report contains data on website uptime, Google Analytics, and logs for the indicated time period.

Customized Apps

Expand your insights with customizable Apps to cater to your specific needs

Apps are customized plugins that let you collect information and receive notifications for almost any activity on your website. Common apps trigger notifications when new articles are published, new users are created, unexpected changes in sales occur, and when backups become outdated.

Watchful includes a growing number of apps, but the only limit on what you can use apps for is your imagination as apps are very easy to make and customized to suit your specific needs.

All existing Apps

Google Analytics

Keep track of traffic and search terms

The Google Analytics integration allows you to instantly get an overview of your website traffic, visitors, most viewed pages, top referral sources, and most commonly searched for keywords.

The data can also be used to generate a PDF to include in your client reports.