Website notes get a useability boost and increased character count

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Website notes are the humble little feature used to store specific information about a website in the Watchful dashboard that isn’t stored or logged elsewhere. Common examples include site-specific upgrade steps, client preferences, a record of site milestones or 1-off site maintenance tasks such as modifying the .htaccess file.

Watchful’s sites dashboard displays these notes so they are very visible when a site drawer is opened.

Notes In Drawer
An opened site drawer in Watchful’s sites dashboard with the notes are highlighted.

Character limit raised to 1024

For many years, the notes field was limited to 256 characters. This has now been raised to 1024 characters so that more information can be saved.

The character limit was modified based feedback from some Watchers. We decided that 1024 characters allowed for enough room for actionable information to be saved without obscuring anything critical that might get overlooked if too much information was included.

Notably, the ability to make custom entries in the site activity logs (a feature we released last year) should reduce the information one might have otherwise included here in the site drawer.

Character counter added

When adding notes, a new character counter is visible in the lower-right corner as shown below. This small useability improvement will prevent the frustration experienced when typing a long passage only to find that everything typed past the limit has been lost.

Notes With Counter
The notes editor in Watchful with the character counter highlighted.

How do you use notes?

Please use the comments below to tell us how you use the website notes feature.


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