Massive time saver

Massive Time Savings

When you’re managing more than a couple of websites, the time it takes to keep them backed up, updated and secure can add up quickly. Not to mention the fact that repeating the same tasks on multiple sites can be very tedious.

Watchful includes a set of automated and bulk-processing tools that makes website maintenance much more efficient.

Always-fresh backups

Manual backups have to be taken one at a time all while you wait for them to complete.

In contrast, Watchful helps you schedule backups so that you always have a fresh copy on hand. When you’re ready to perform website maintenance, a quick glance at your dashboard or site details is all that is needed to confirm your backup status. Maintenance tasks can then proceed without delay.

One and done updates

Logging into multiple sites to perform the same updates over and over can be very frustrating and time consuming. In contrast, Watchful’s bulk update tool can be applied to multiple sites or multiple softwares at once, saving you loads of time.

A host of bulk tools

In addition to backups and updates, Watchful includes other bulk-processing tools that will make website maintenance easier and more efficient.

Some of these include:

  • Adding tags to sites
  • Performing ad-hoc backups which are sometimes used to create site snapshots during periods of heavy maintenance
  • Installing the same plugin or extension to many sites
  • Performing website security scans
  • Enabling or disabling site monitoring during periods of heavy maintenance

Bulk tools can be applied to any sites selected from the Watchful dashboard as shown below.

Bulk Tool Selector
Multi-site selection and bulk tool bar in the Watchful dashboard.

Adding it all up

As shown in the graph above, we estimated how much time you could save on website backups and updates using Watchful. We compared the time required to the time required to perform the same maintenance manually.

Based on a weekly maintenance schedule, we estimate 9+ hours of saved time /site /year. If you are managing 25 websites, that’s 5 weeks of work saved for you or a full-time employee.

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