YubiKey support added for website management Dashboard

Published by Vic Drover on

Update, 2021-05-24: Please review the current status of YubiKey support here.

Today we are pleased to announce that YubiKey support has been added as a 2-factor authentication method for protecting your Watchful account.

Two-factor authentication is an industry-standard for preventing unwanted access to accounts and devices. As one of the default authentication methods supported by the Joomla CMS, we expect YubiKey support to be popular among Watchful customers.

With Google Authenticator support having been in place for some time, Watchful now supports both authentication methods found in Joomla.  

We highly recommend that all users protect their Watchful accounts with 2-factor authentication. Full details on enabling this feature for both YubiKey and Google Authenticator can be found in our Knowledge Base.

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