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In case you have not yet heard, the popular Joomla extension developer NoNumber is no more: gone, kaput, over. 

But don’t worry, the moment NoNumber ceased to exist they rebranded as Regular Labs!

That’s right, all of your favorite NoNumber add-ons for Joomla — such as Advanced Module Manager and ReReplacer — are now available exclusively as Regular Labs products. You can read more about the reasons for the change in the official press release

Even though saying goodbye is never easy, the NoNumber/Regular Labs owner Peter van Westen has made the migration process pretty painless. 

Simply update your NoNumber extensions when promoted and everything should work itself out. This works from either the Joomla extension updater or from Watchful.

For those of you using the professional versions of Peter’s software, the migration process is identical, and your existing download IDs will continue to work as expected. 


Here at Watchful, we process a lot of updates. Thus, we’ve looked pretty carefully at the NoNumber/Regular Labs migration and noticed three things:

1. The NoNumber Framework system plugin will remain on all your Joomla sites after the migration to Regular Labs is complete. This is by design in case you are running a custom add-on built on the NoNumber Framework. 

In most cases, it is probably safe to disable this plugin. After backing up your site and carefully testing the effects of disabling it, you may be able to uninstall it completely using the Joomla extension manager in the backend of your Joomla site.

2. Occasionally, not all the NoNumber extensions are completely removed during the migration to Regular Labs. This results in unnecessary update notifications. 

After backing up your site, we’ve found it’s pretty reliable to simply uninstall any of these as needed. 

3. Identifying which of your sites still have the NoNumber Framework and/or extensions can be a long and tedious process requiring you to log into each site and use filters in the Joomla extension manager.

A faster way to identify which of your sites still have NoNumber Extensions after the migration to Regular Labs is to use the Extension Search feature from the Watchful Dashboard.

After all your Regular Labs migrations are complete, refresh the data for all of your Watchful-powered websites and search for. This will show you what sites require clean-up. 

Robust support for commercial extensions

In addition to Regular Labs, we regularly add new extension developers to the Watchful updater. Recent additions include JoomUnited, AcyMailing and the extension suite from Cory Webb.

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