Updates for the new suite of extensions from Cory Webb Media now available

Published by Vic Drover on

Today we are excited to announce that support for extensions developed byΒ Cory Webb Media.

Although Cory Webb has been building with Joomla for many years, his suite of extensions is relatively new. 

With an eye to speed and simplicity, his extension suite addresses some of the pain points integrators experience when using Joomla. 

For example, the aptly-named Quick Pages makes adding new menu items in Joomla very fast. Quick Blocks makes it easy to create a layout of modules from the Joomla backend without having to manually code template overrides.

The extensions from Cory Webb are currently all commercial. To make the updates work seamless, simply add the download ID from your Cory Webb Media subscription to your Watchful profile. If a valid download ID is used, updates will be applied quickly and easily as shown below.

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