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Today we are excited to announce that we have officially begun to migrate our website update and monitoring service to the domain. We will phase out our original domain name

Since launching in 2012, Watchful has had a complicated relationship with its domain name  As we have explained to many folks at conferences and online, we intended the concept of the .li domain to be a clever verbal twist, emphasizing the idea of “fully” monitoring your websites..

However, the choice has led to more confusion than anything else, and we decided to switch to the much more traditional and very fitting .net domain. Effective immediately, the retail/support website you are currently using will switch to Going forward, we will also switch the Watchful dashboard.

White list email

As the migration to the new domain continues, the email address used to send notification emails will also change. To prepare for this change, please white list the following email address and/or add it to your contacts:

Update bookmarks

This transition to the .net domain should be seamless for users. Requests sent to will be redirected to  

If you continue to use existing bookmarks, we recommend that you update them with the new domain name. 

Update password managers

The Watchful app has not yet been migrated to the new domain and can still be found at However, we recommend modifying any password manager entries for Watchful so that both domains are recognized. Here are some instructions for popular password managers:

  • 1Password — Simply enter a new URL field for the Watchful record and enter The record should now contain two URL fields. 
  • LastPass — Please edit the Equivalent Domains settings to consider and as “equivalent” or interchangeable. Find more details in the LastPass Support area.

If you have any questions related to this change to the new domain, please do send us a note using the support button on the Watchful dashboard.

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