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Published by Vic Drover on

Watchful version 1.0

Today we are proud to announce the launch of Watchful, a backup, update and monitoring service for Joomla web sites. 

By giving you the power to remotely update all of your Joomla web sites in one convenient location, Watchful saves you time and ensures that critical maintenance tasks are implemented consistently and thoroughly. 

In addition to updating Joomla and Joomla add-ons, Watchful comes packed with useful features. Perhaps most important among them is the remote backup feature since all web sites should be backed up before applying any upgrade.

Watchful also adds comprehensive activity logging to all of your Joomla web sites. This allows Watchful to notify you when important files are modified or when web services such as PHP are changed. Since these features of your site rarely change, any notification may indicate unauthorized activity on your web site.

We hope that Watchful will grow into a useful tool for web site builders everywhere.

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Matthew · September 8, 2019 at 11:40 PM

Can I update database tables ?
Like I have mightsites and need to update the tables between 9 aliases on one website there is only 5 database tables but this could be useful to me? Because I would have to do it manually.

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