Help Scout rollout complete with new support tools

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Customer satisfaction has always been a top priority at Watchful. From our launch, we have relied on a mix of public documentation, self-hosted help desk software, internal workflows and personal communication by email, phone or instant message.

While effective, these tools hindered objective customer satisfaction measurement and was unnecessarily complicated for our clients.

Sometimes it created a single point of failure where a holiday or unexpected absence resulted in delays in resolving issues.

To address these shortcomings, today we completed the rollout of our new support system powered by the excellent SaaS application from Help Scout.

Help Scout features

The flexible hosted help desk solution enables seamless routing of issues to the right Watchful team member for swift resolution.

Help Scout also has powerful workflows, instant replies, and saved replies. These features allow us to automate tasks and deliver consistent information to our users.

In addition, each and every message sent form Help Scout includes an invitation to rate the support. Ratings and resolution times are carefully tracked by Help Scout and will be closely monitored.

On the user side, we’ve developed a custom form that auto-populates with relevant details like website and subscription information.

We’ve even written a custom Help Scout app to retrieve links to our payment processor Recurly.

The only input required is a description of the problem, question or issue. In the screenshot below, our support team has a comprehensive view of all the necessary information to deliver exceptional assistance.

After submitting the form, users simply need to monitor their inbox to review the issue status and respond as necessary.

In addition to Help Scout, we’ve updated all our FAQs and Knowledge Base articles and moved them to a new location.

Together, we are confident that these new support tools will reduce resolution times and maximize customer satisfaction ratings.

Existing Watchers can login to their accounts and test the new system by clicking the support link at the top-right of the website or Dashboard.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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