ZOO updates from YooTheme now available

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Today we are thrilled to announce that Watchful now supports remote updates for ZOO, the Joomla application builder from YooTheme.

As of now, all users of the free version of ZOO can take advantage of this update immediately. With Watchful’s seamless integration, ensuring that your ZOO application is up to date and functioning optimally has never been easier.

For our valued Pro users who have a paid ZOO subscription, accessing the benefits of remote updates requires a simple initial step. These users must add the relevant download IDs from their YooTheme account to their Watchful Profile. This enables Watchful to efficiently handle updates, ensuring that your ZOO application stays in sync with the latest enhancements and features.

Watchful’s commitment to simplifying and enhancing the user experience is evident in this latest integration. By facilitating remote updates for ZOO, Watchful empowers Joomla users to effortlessly maintain their websites and applications. This then allows them to focus on their core objectives and achieve optimal results.

With the combination of Watchful’s comprehensive monitoring and management tools and ZOO’s robust application-building capabilities, Joomla users can enjoy a seamless experience that combines security, efficiency, and innovation.

Upgrade your ZOO experience with Watchful today and unlock the full potential of your Joomla applications. Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we strive to elevate your website management experience to new heights.

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