Uptime monitoring launches now live

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We are excited to share the wonderful news that our advanced uptime monitoring launches, which were initially developed in the Watchful labs, have successfully graduated and are now available for all Watchers.

With great improvements and enhancements, the new monitoring system is a significant upgrade from its predecessors. Previously, we conducted site checks at a comparatively infrequent interval of every 3 hours. With the latest upgrades, your site will now undergo monitoring every 5 minutes, making the new system highly efficient.

We value the importance of uninterrupted website operation, but also acknowledge the need for occasional site maintenance. In such cases, we provide you with the flexibility to temporarily disable uptime monitoring and all other related notifications. You can easily achieve this by unpublishing your site directly from your Watchful Dashboard.

For those who already use a separate uptime monitoring system, we’ve got you covered as well. You now have the option to disable uptime notifications for your entire Watchful account. This ensures seamless coordination with your existing tools while enjoying all the additional benefits Watchful offers.

Our team has worked diligently to fine-tune this comprehensive uptime monitoring system. We are confident that it will greatly contribute to the overall success and smooth functioning of your websites. We believe that by proactively monitoring your site’s uptime, you can promptly address any issues that may arise and provide your visitors with an uninterrupted and enjoyable user experience.

Watchful values your continuous support and feedback, which has been instrumental in shaping the development of this powerful monitoring system. As always, we remain committed to empowering you with the best tools and features to manage and safeguard your digital assets effectively.

Thank you for being a part of the Watchful community, and we look forward to continuing this journey of excellence together!

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