Updates for JCH Optimize and Extly.com are now supported

Published by Vic Drover on

Today we are thrilled to announce that Watchful client — version 1.10.2 — now supports remote updates for JCH Optimize and Extly.com.

JCH Optimize

First on the list is JCH Optimize, the perfformance enhancing add-on for Joomla. Both the free and Pro versions of the add-on are supported.


Next is a suite of extensions from Extly.com including:

  • Joocial
  • AutoTweetNG (Free & Pro)
  • XTDir for SobiPro
  • XTDir for EasySocial
  • XTDir for JomSocial
  • JFontAwesome
  • XT-K2 Link Item

Commercial updates

Like other commercial extensions we support, Watchers with paid subsciptions for JCH Optimize or Extly.com can simply add the relevant download IDs from these software vendors in their Watchful Profile for simple, 1-click updates. 

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