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If you are like many web developers, it’s a safe bet that you store some of your most commonly used assets online using a cloud storage service.

Dropbox is perhaps one of the best-known cloud storage services. We use it internally Watchful, and also at inetis and Anything Digital, to share Joomla add-ons and other assets that our teams need when testing or building client sites.

So of course we decided to make Dropbox into our new remote installer!

As you can see in the image above, you can select the Dropbox tab on the remote installer. Click the Dropbox button (and log into Dropbox if necessary) to browse your remote files. 

Once you locate the desired file, select it to install from Dropbox on the selected remote Joomla websites.

The latest version of the Watchful client is required to use this feature.

Other services

There are lots of cloud storage services out there including Google Drive and Amazon S3. We’d love to hear your comments below on other storage services to add to Watchful.

But if you don’t use these services, remember that you can always use the upload and install or install from URL features from the same interface, as opposed to installing from Dropbox. 

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