5 Joomla security resources to help you keep sites safe

Published by Vic Drover

Joomla Security Resources

Website developers and owners must remain vigilant to the emerging threats in Joomla and its ecosystem of extensions and templates. Use the Joomla security resources below to learn the best methods of building and maintaining safer websites.

1. Joomla security checklist

The Joomla Security Checklist is the perfect place to start when it comes to maintaining a secure Joomla website.

The list includes great advice for choosing a secure web host, managing file permissions, optimal Joomla configuration, what to do if you have been hacked, and more.

Be sure to take some time to read through and understand the basics of each section.

Joomla also provides a number of additional security resources on their general Joomla Security page that are a great way to grow your security knowledge.

2. Joomla vulnerability listings

Monitoring when Joomla vulnerabilities are reported is another way to stay on top of developing security news. Joomla vulnerabilities are reported in two different places:

Monitor these Joomla vulnerabilities by setting up a push notification (email, Slack, etc…) using the RSS integration at Zapier or adding the RSS feeds to your feed reader.

3. Security articles in the Joomla Community Magazine

The Joomla Community Magazine can be a great resource for security information and advice. We recommend that you regularly visit for security-related posts such as:

4. Google alerts

The internet is continually publishing new items on website security and Joomla of course is a common topic. We recommend that you regularly head over to your favorite search engine and search for “Joomla security” and filter for recent articles. For example:

Using Google Alerts to be notified of new articles on this topic may be helpful.

Here at Watchful we’ve also written extensively about security. For example:

5. Official Joomla Security forums

If you’ve read this far, and followed the links above, you’re well on your way to being able to maintain a safe and secure Joomla website. But if you still have questions, be sure to pose a question in the security forums at Joomla.org.

Separate boards are maintained for Joomla 1.52, 3 and 4 security. Be sure to post in the correct place, and never ever post any personal information about your site or server.


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