WordPress support launches for Watchful – the webmasters toolbox

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Effective immediately, Watchful now officially supports backups, updates, monitoring, and maintenance for websites powered by WordPress.

Support for WordPress has been a common request from existing Watchful users who primarily use Joomla as well as longtime WordPress users who are looking for a simpler and more affordable solution for website management than currently on the market.

Thus, the Watchful team focused on delivering the same seamless experience for WordPress that has traditionally been available only for Joomla websites.

Leveraging both the Watchful and WordPress APIs, WordPress users can now perform and monitor backups, monitor website uptime, integrate Google Analytics and generate reports, update the core WordPress software as well as WordPress plugins, scan for Malware and security best practices, and much more.

Although today marks the official public announcement for WordPress support, WordPress has been operating internally for approximately six months. On Dec. 23, 2016 we also launched a private beta test with our existing customers.

Since then, we have patched numerous bugs and updated the Watchful website to indicate compatibility with WordPress. We have also updated our Knowledge Base to include installation and troubleshooting information relevant to WordPress.

Today’s launch of WordPress support and the upcoming migration of Watchful to Amazon Web Services mark important milestones. Together, these enhancements put Watchful on a path for continued success and accelerated growth.

Managing WordPress sites

In Watchful, we manage WordPress sites in the same familiar way as Joomla sites. To help users easily differentiate between Joomla and WordPress sites in the dashboard, we’ve added a CMS column that displays the appropriate icon.

As described previously, the CMS column can be enabled in the Dashboard settings.

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