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DJ Extensions

Most agencies who build websites with Joomla have heard of the DJ-Classifieds. DJ-Classifieds makes it easy to build a robust website populated with user-submitted content. It is one of the most mature commercial extensions in the Joomla ecosystem.

With over 100 reviews, a perfect 5-star rating, and over 18 payment gateway integrations, DJ-Classifieds remains a popular choice among web developers. We’re happy to announce that updates for DJ-Classifieds are now available at Watchful.

DJ-Classifieds is one of a number of paid and free Joomla extensions available from DJ-Extensions.com. Updates for the entire DJ-Extensions catalog are now available at Watchful. This includes the very popular DJ-ImageSlider, a free slideshow extension that consistently ranks in our top Joomla extensions list.

Updating DJ-Classifieds and other paid extensions

To update DJ-Classifieds or any of the paid extensions from DJ-Extensions, enter an active license key into Watchful’s Settings page as shown below.

License key for DJ-Classifieds and other software from DJ-Extensions.

Once that’s complete, you’ll be able to add both the paid and free add-ons from DJ-Extensions to the auto-updater or update them manually from your the Watchful dashboard. This includes DJ-Classifieds, DJ-ImageSlider and the rest of their catalog.

Dj Extensions Updater

Interview with Tomasz Kowalski

Please introduce yourself in 3-4 sentences.

My name is Tomasz Kowalski, co-founder of DJ-Extensions, Joomla-Monster, Pixelemu, and few other brands.

Our company specializes in Open Source services. We mainly provide Joomla! extensions, templates (focusing on accessibility with WCAG/ADA/Section 508 compliance when possible), and web development services; however, we have also worked with WordPress for a few years.

We’re located in Poland, Wejherowo, Łódź, and part of our team works remotely from different places around Poland.

How did you get started in Joomla?

Our beginnings with Joomla started when there was no Joomla yet; my business partner Andrzej Herzberg began to the company in Mambo times 🙂

When I joined, Joomla 1.0 was around, and we were building websites for our clients with it. First, we focused on custom jobs with the design-joomla.eu brand. After a couple of years, we formed Joomla-Monster and then DJ-Extensions.

What is your most popular product(s)? To what do you attribute its success?

The most popular product is DJ-ImageSlider – a free Joomla slideshow extension (component and modules) available since Joomla 1.5 and continuously developed. It was and always remains free for the Joomla! Community.

We provide many free extensions (plugins, modules, components) that get good ratings on the Joomla extension directory, and users like to use them. I think DJ-ImageSlider popularity comes from its simplicity. It’s also essential that it is component driven, so the management and ordering of slides is easy.

The other most popular extension from the paid category is DJ-Classifieds that allows users to create classifieds websites with Joomla. It’s also developed continuously and provides a wide variety of integrations, payment plugins, apps, and features that allows building almost any type of website based on posting the content (paid and free of charge).

But that’s not all. I think it’s also worth mentioning DJ-MegaMenu (an accessible Joomla menu module) DJ-Catalog2 (directory and shopping extension), and DJ-MediaTools for galleries.

Currently, you can get 37 Joomla! extensions from our website – some of them are a complex piece of software, and some of them were created to serve only one specific purpose.

Can you describe your experience developing for Joomla 4?

We’re currently working on rewriting our extensions to Joomla 4. Some of them are ready, and some need more time to be finished or tested. We plan to cover most of our popular extensions to work with Joomla 4.

We remember all the transformations: from J1.5 to J1.6/1.7, then to J2.5 and then to J3. Each time, it requires many resources to get it compatible (especially when we want to provide the easy migration from one version to another) with the latest Joomla version. Still, we try to do our best to get the extensions ready for the stable version of Joomla 4.

What does the future hold for DJ-Extensions.com?

We will continue to provide the products, services, and the best support we can to our users. Many of them rely on our solutions in their everyday work. We have some new products in the queue to be released. I believe that the stable release of Joomla 4 will be a great new opening for Joomla! itself and will bring more new users to J!Community and will allow us to stay as long as possible with Joomla.

Tomasz Kowalski
Tomasz Kowalski

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