How to update commercial Joomla add-ons with Watchful

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One of the pillars of the Watchful service is rolling out updates for Joomla and Joomla add-ons.  

Today we introduce a breakthrough in remote update technology that greatly expands our potential for keeping more of your Joomla add-ons up-to-date.

For the first time, you can now remotely update commercial, third-party extensions right from your Watchful Dashboard.

Get out of bed. Grab a coffee. Update NoNumber add-ons. Repeat.

Our exclusive technology has been in development for months and as a first step, we worked closely with extension developer Peter van Westen, aka NoNumber.

Peter develops a suite of popular Joomla add-ons and updates them often.

For anyone with a lot of Joomla sites, keeping all of these add-ons updated is an important but time-consuming task requiring someone to login to every site and apply the updates.

Watchful’s Joomla upgrade system now supports the entire suite of Nonumber extensions for both Joomla 2.3 and 3. Updating the entire NoNumber suite for all of your Joomla sites takes just a click or two.

Free and Pro Joomla upgrades in one click

As seen in the video above, Watchful supports both Free and Pro extensions. If you have a mix of each on your sites, these are upgraded seamlessly and respect the subscriptions associated with your NoNumber Download Key.

If you build a lot of sites, you may also appreciate entering your NoNumber Download Key in just one place — the My Account area in your Watchful account — saving the hassle of adding the Key to each of your sites.

And even if you have just a single site, Watchful will notify you when NoNumber and other Joomla upgrades are ready, thus helping to keep your site safe.

To get started with NoNumber upgrades, update all your sites to most recent Watchful Client — version 1.5.4 or later — and add your NoNumber Download Key to you profile as shown in the video. 

This is just the beginning

Here at Watchful, we’re really excited and proud to deliver this innovative change to our remote Joomla upgrade process.

You can expect us to add support for other important extensions such as Akeeba Backup in the near future. 

And here’s where you can help. Please take a moment to vote on the extensions you would like supported by our remote update system. Feel free to add you own to the list.

Happy updating everyone!

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