Fewer uptime notifications with changes to monitoring system

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In our efforts to enhance the Watchful service, we integrated Uptime Robot’s website uptime monitoring capabilities last spring. Uptime Robot has proven to be exceptionally reliable, promptly providing alerts for downtime within a mere one-minute interval.

While the inclusion of Uptime Robot greatly bolstered Watchful’s functionality, we carefully considered the valuable feedback received from our users. Their input emphasized a prevalent issue: the abundance of unnecessary alerts caused by the one-minute downtime interval. Consequently, even a routine server restart would trigger an alert, causing inconvenience.

Recognizing the significance of this feedback, we are pleased to announce that Uptime Robot has recently introduced advanced features exclusive to PRO users. One of these additions allows users to mute downtime notifications for a specified duration, granting them greater control over their monitoring preferences.

We are excited to inform you that as of today, we have implemented this feature across all Watchful accounts. Consequently, any downtime event lasting less than five minutes will no longer trigger a notification email. However, it’s important to note that these brief instances of downtime will still be recorded in your Watchful logs and will be considered when calculating your average website uptime.

In our ongoing commitment to enhancing user experience, we have plans to introduce further customization options. In the near future, Watchers will have the ability to disable the default five-minute notification delay in their Watchful accounts. This will allow users to tailor their monitoring settings according to their specific requirements and preferences.

We value your feedback and continuously strive to optimize the Watchful service to meet your expectations. Stay tuned for more updates as we work diligently to enhance your monitoring experience with Watchful.

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