Changes to uptime monitoring means fewer notifications

Published by Vic Drover on

Last spring we integrated website uptime monitoring  from Uptime Robot into the Watchful service. Uptime Robot is very reliable and provides 1-minute downtime alerts.

While powerful and very useful, the feedback from Watchers has been pretty clear: a 1-minute downtime interval results in a lot of unnecessary alerts. For example, a simple server restart will generally trigger an alert.

Recently, Uptime Robot added some advanced functionality for PRO users. One of these additions is the ability to mute downtime notifications for a specified time. 

Starting today, we have implemented this feature for all Watchful accounts. As a result, downtime alerts shorter than 5 minutes will not trigger a notification email.

These short downtime events will still be added to your Watchful logs and used to calculate your average website uptime.

In the near future, we will add the ability for Watchers to disable the 5-minute notification delay in their Watchful account.

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