REST API massively expands management possibilities for Joomla users

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We have had a great many request for better management tools of businesses.

For example, white-label and/or self-hosted versions of the entire Watchful service is a common request, as are native apps for mobile devices.

Today we take the first step in addressing this type of feedback with the official release of a RESTful API for the Watchful platform.

The API — and complete interactive documentation that accamponies it — is quick and simple to use, and fun to explore and experiment with.

No sandbox required

Developers can get started immediately without having to setup their own sandbox environment by simply visiting the general documentation as well as interactive documentation here:

To get a realistic feel for the API, we recommend that you test with an API key. All accounts — including the free trial — include an API key.

What the API can do

The API currently supports nearly every feature that you are used to in the Watchful Dashboard including:

  • Manage sites, tags, logs, and extensions
  • List extensions that need to be updated
  • Send backup requests
  • Request uptime data
  • Validate sites
  • Create pdf reports

Possible Use Cases

The API makes a number of use cases much more accessible for developers such as:

  • Integration with other tools/services (CRM, helpdesk, project manager, payment provider, etc…)
  • Create a custom dashboard with your info to display at your office
  • Create a mobile app
  • Create custom entry to your log to keep a trace of all your work

Building applications with Watchful

If you would like to use the Watchful API to build your own applications, check our this how-to on building a custom website dashboard in just minutes.

What’s next

The API is currently in use at Watchful. Our short-term goal is to carefully and seamlesly switch all the functions in the Dashboard to the API. This will allow for stress-testing and optimization.

Once this is complete, we will start looking at adding additional features.

If you have any suggestions or feedback on the API, please contact us via the comments below or open a ticket in the help desk.

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