Commercial extension support continues to grow with the addition of jInbound

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Currently, there are many ways to remotely update your Joomla web sites from the Watchful dashboard. 

For example, we recently introduced the remote installer that allows you to install updates for practically any Joomla add-on using either a URL, a Dropbox account or simply uploading a file from your computer. 

However, this remote installer is not needed to apply updates to the thousands of free add-ons that support the Joomla extension updater. These updates have always been at the core of Watchful.

Watchful also supports 1-click updates for some of the most popular commercial extensions like Akeeba Backup, Admin Tools, the NoNumber suite of add-ons and ACL Manager. 

Today we are excited to add a new commercial extension to this list — the inbound marketing extension jInbound.

jInbound – lead generation and email automation for Joomla

Inbound marketing typically involves offering premium content to your site visitors in exchange for their email address and other contact details. Once a lead completes the form, they are typically nurtured through the sales funnel (or any other funnel, such as registering for a free event) using email automation. 

jInbound helps you generate and manage leads by making it easy to create landing pages with customized sign-up forms and to prepare a nurturing email campaign. jInbound also includes a lite CRM (for full details on jInbound features, please visit the official site of inbound marketing for Joomla).  

Like Akeeba Backup and ACL Manager, jInbound subscribers can enter their jInbound Download ID into their My Account area at Watchful and enjoy hassle-free remote updates right from their Watchful dashboard. 

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