Vulnerability scanner

Vulnerabilty Scan History

The vulnerability scanner in Watchful is a collection of tools that perform in-depth, system-wide scans. The scanner is designed to check for problems with the system configuration, file and folder permissions, missing core files, and potential malware.

Unlike the automated intrusion scanner, the vulnerability scanner is performed as often as needed to identify potential security weaknesses on your website. The scanner can be run repeatedly to measure the effectiveness of your site maintenance activity.

Site configuration & best practices

This tool scans your website website for configuration issues and the use of security best practices.

The scan results show both safe items and items to check along with advice on how to resolve any problems.

Cms Configuration And Best Practices

Core filesystem integrity

This audit checks if any of the files distributed in the core WordPress or Joomla packages have been modified or are missing.

The path to any missing or modified files is shown so it can be replaced with an original copy.


The permissions tool scans all of the files and folders on your site to make sure that the permissions are appropriate.

The path to files/folders with inappropriate permissions is shown so they can be fixed.


The malware tool scans all of your files for the presence of popular malware and other malicious software.

The path to any suspicious files is shown so they can be examined further.

Site Audit Results

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