Bulk software updater

Bulk Updater

Facilitating updates for plugins, extensions, themes, templates and other software on your website is one of the most important features of Watchful. Since updating software across a host of sites can be very time consuming, the bulk software updater is a very efficient productivity tool.

And because updates are so critical to the security of your site, the number of pending updates for each site is displayed by default on the Watchful dashboard (see above).

Flexible updates for any workflow

The bulk software updater is flexible and can be used to update your sites in whatever way makes sense for your workflow. For example, you can view the updates for just a single site and then apply the updates one-at-a-time.

Or you can apply all the updates in a single click using the Update All feature shown below.

Update All Button
Using the Update All button to update software on a single site.

Skip problematic software when performing bulk updates

Watchful also lets you Ignore softwares that may not be updated reliably. This lets you process all of your routine updates with a few clicks, and then circle back for anything that requires a more gentle approach.

Update one software everywhere

Using the filtering tools in the bulk update tool gives in more flexibility.

For example, occasionally an urgent security issue arises in a specific software. It’s important to update this software immediately, but you may not be prepared to update all of the other software updates that are pending.

As shown below, you can use the filters in the bulk update tool to only show updates for that one software. Updating this one title across your full portfolio then just takes a single click.

Update One Plugin On All Sites
Filtering the bulk update tool by software.

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