Testimonials. From Agency Experts.

Rene Kreijveld
I just upgraded 35 websites to latest Joomla version and extensions in 10 minutes with Watchful's awesome tool! Rene Kreijveld / dsdeurne.nl
Joe Sonne
Using Watchful is far better than having to deal with a hacked website because a site fell behind in security updates. Joe Sonne / joejoomla.com
Enoch Lavender
Watchful provides a clear-cut overview of my web sites, enabling me to easily keep them up-to-date with the latest Joomla/components updates as I choose. If I need support, their support is quick and effective. Enoch Lavender / easyjoomla.com.au
Marcus Stafford
If you're not using Watchful, you're doing it wrong. Marcus Stafford / wintercorn.com
Matthew Philogene
Watchful provides a great overview of all our projects. Great support, great tools, cannot live without! Matthew Philogene / raramuridesign.com
Kristoffer Sandven
Watchful saves me from manually monitoring dozens of websites - I can keep them updated with just a few clicks from a single, slick interface! Kristoffer Sandven / joomlablogger.net
Sander Potjer

Thanks to the built in support for the ACL Manager Download Key, users of Watchful can update ACL Manager on all their sites with just a single click. Sander Potjer / Perfectwebteam.com

Martijn Boomsma
It's great to have Watchful as an easy, timesaving and useful tool for professional managing (many) Joomla websites. Martijn Boomsma / perfectwebteam.com
Jonathan Frewin

Watchful cut my monthly [maintenance] time down from days to hours. Jonathan Frewin / frewindesign.co.uk