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Watchful’s main dashboard lists all of your websites and gives you a 1000-ft view of your entire portfolio. This allows you to prioritize maintenance tasks and make informed decisions quickly.

And don’t worry if your sites are spread across different hosts: Watchful supports hosts around the world both large and small.

To help, the entire dashboard is dynamic and fully sortable by column heading. For example, clicking the Last Backup column header instantly moves sites with the the oldest backups to the top of the dashboard. This helps you quickly identify websites with the most pressing tasks.

Dynamic sorting and filtering

The Watchful dashboard also includes other dynamic tools for filtering the sites displayed. For example, each site can be tagged with keywords such as hosting provider or maintenance plan. A simple click of any tag instantly filters the dashboard to only show those sites.

Filtering Dashboard With Tags
Filtering the Watchful dashboard with tags.

And every column includes text-based search for even more specific filtering of sites. Or use our search tool to locate only sites with a specific theme, plugin, or extension.

Dashboard Filters
Selected text-filters in the Watchful dashboard.

Bulk tool launcher

Once you’ve identified sites of interest, you can launch most maintenance tasks like backups, updates and audits right from the dashboard. Or really start saving time by selecting multiple sites and then perform maintenance in bulk such as updates, backups, or security scans.

Bulk Tool Selector
Multi-site selection and bulk tool bar in the Watchful dashboard.

Personalize the dashboard

We know that not every site maintainer works the same way or has the same priorities. So we built the Watchful dashboard to be flexible enough to adapt. You can use our drag-n-drop table customizer to make sure the information most important to you is displayed.

Personalize Dashboard Layout
Personalizing the Watchful dashboard.

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