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Troubleshooting failed update errors

When updating Joomla add-ons from Watchful, you may encounter this error:  

The update has failed. If the problem persists, please review the troubleshooting steps.

 This error may occur for a number of reasons including:

  • The update package may be corrupt.
  • The update package may not be compatible with your Joomla and/or PHP version.
  • The update package may not be available for download
  • For paid extensions using the Joomla updater (more common), your License Key/Download ID may no longer be valid, or updates for the extension may not be supported by the Watchful updater.
  • For paid extensions using a custom updater (less common), your License Key/Download ID may no longer be valid or the key may not be added on the remote site.

Use the instructions below to resolve the issue.

Note: You should always have a recent backup on-hand before updating your site. Please review the date of your most recent backup in the Watchful dashboard before applying updates.

1. The update package may be corrupt or incompatible with your CMS version.

To determine if the software vendor has a corrupt installer/updater, or if your web site is not compatible, download the relevant package directly from the vendor website and attempt to install/update directly on the backend of the affected website.

If the install fails, please contact the vendor for further details/technical support. Otherwise, proceed to step 2.

2. Your backup software is configured to backup before updating.

Backup solutions like Akeeba Backup Pro have a feature that triggers a backup when an update is requested. In some cases, this may interrupt the update process via Watchful. If you are using Watchful to perform updated, try disabling this feature to see if it is interfering with updates.

3. The update package could not be downloaded.

For paid extensions, please skip immediately to step 3 to troubleshoot issues with invalid licenses/download IDs. 

For free extensions, please open a support ticket directly.

4. Your license key is not valid in Watchful.

Use the instructions below to troubleshoot issues with your License Key or Download ID for extension updates that are natively supported by Watchful. If this does not resolve the issue, please open a support ticket.

  • Obtain the license code, download ID, subscription key, etc... from your Joomla add-on vendor. Ensure that your subscription is still active.
  • View your account details by selecting the My Account link.
  • Enter the license key from step 1 in the appropriately labelled field, as indicated below.
  • Reapply the updates from your Dashboard.

support2 license key


5. Your license key is not valid on the remote site.

A small set of Joomla extensions use a custom update method. As a result, their license can not be stored centrally in Watchful. In these cases, add your License Key or Download ID for these extensions directly in the Joomla backend as appropriate for each extension (usually the Options for each extension).