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Removing Google Analytics from your Watchful dashboard

Once you have authorized Watchful to access the statitics from Google Analytics from a selected account, there is currently no option to remove this authorization from the Watchful Dashboard. In order to revoke the authorization you will need to log into your Google Account.

For details on how to remove the permissions please see the Google Accounts Apps connected to your account help page, and follow the link to the account security page where you can revoke Watchful's access.

  1. Select Watchful on the Google Accounts Security Page
  2. Click Revoke Access

watchful revoke google analytics access

Once access has been revoked, you will be able to select another Google Analytics account from which to pull data as per the Adding Google Analytics to your Dashboard Watchful KB Article


  • If you are tracking analytics for a client's site we recommend the client adds your account as a user to their analytics as per the the add, modify, and delete users Google Analytics Documentation
  • Once an account is added to one site, if any other sites added to Watchful have access to the view that pages Google Analytics they will automtically be displayed throughout the Watchful Account (also once revokes, any of the sites that displayed Analytics based on that account will no longer display Analytics information).