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Adding Google Analytics to your Dashboard

On July 8, 2014, we launched our Google Analytics integration with the Watchful Dashboard so that critical information about your website traffic could be easily viewed alongside other critical metrics such as pending software updates and uptime.

As you can see above, the traffic data from Google Analytics is shown seamlessly in the detail view of your website.

Adding Google Analytics

Follow this simple process to link your Google Analytics account to Watchful:

1. In your web browser, ensure you are logged into at least one Google Analytics account.

2. Be sure that the URL of your website(s) in Watchful exactly match the URL of the website(s) in Google Analytics. Google Analytics has two places to list your URL, and each must match Watchful:

  • Property Settings
  • View Settings

3. From your Watchful dashboard find the website you want to connect to Google Analytics, and click Connect to Google Analytics link.


4. After a moment or two, ensure the following message is displayed at the top of your Watchful Dashboard:

confirming google analytics integration

All of the websites in your Watchful dashboard will now display Google Analytics statistics if they are set up with the account specified in Step 1. Repeat as necessary, taking care to log into the appropriate Analytics account as required.