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Installing and configuring Watchful Apps

Note: Apps are not yet available for WordPress


Watchful Apps are plugins that communicate with Watchful and provide notifications to the site owner. 

Watchful Apps are simple to create and very flexible. They can be configured for almost any purpose. 

If you require help creating your own Watchful plugin, please log in to your account on and submit a ticket at


Watchful Apps install like any Joomla plugin — using the standard Joomla installer.

After installation, ensure that the plugin is published.

The Apps will need to be installed separately on each site as appropriate.


Each Watchful App has some parameters that should be reviewed when they are installed. For example, sales averages for E-commerce related Apps and User Groups for new user notifications.

Locate each plugin in the Joomla Plugin Manager, and click the title to review the parameters. 


Once published and configured, no further action is required to receive notifications other than having your web site properly added and validated in the Watchful Dashboard. You may however wish to confirm that the App is working as expected by triggering a notification (i.e. in the case of the Users App, create a new user).

Since Watchful scans your site at set intervals, we recommend that you perform a manual check of your site to trigger the notification. You can do this from the Watchful dashboard by clicking the Validate button for the site in question.


Updates for Watchful Apps are integrated with the Joomla updater. As such, you will receive notices in your Watchful dashboard when updates are available.

Updates may then be applied directly from the Watchful dashboard, or on the site in question using the Joomla updater directly.


To remove the App, select it in the Joomla plugin manager and choose Remove or Uninstall. 

To retain the App but stop notifications, simply disable/unpublish the plugin in the Joomla plugin manager.