New feature – export all your extensions and site details

Published by Vic Drover on

Hot on the heels of our major announcement last week regarding updates for JCE plugins, today we’ve launched another new feature: the ability to export all your sites and extension details. 

As you can see above, the CSV button now has an option for both Sites and Extensions

Select the Extensions option to export a file — in comma-separated values or CSV file — that can be opened in any spreadsheet application like Microsfot Excel.

The following information is included in the exported file:

  • Extension name
  • Extension version
  • Extension creation date (provided by extension vendor)
  • Extension type (component, plugin or module)
  • Extension URL (provided by extension vendor)
  • Site URL
  • Joomla version
  • PHP version
  • MySQL version
  • Web Server version
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