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How do I update core files and add-ons?

Updating core WordPress & Joomla files as well as plugins/extensions is one of the primary time-saving features of Watchful. As you can see above, the number of updates available for each of your sites is a central feature of the Watchful Dashboard. 

Updates can be applied in a number of ways as described below. 

Update a single site

1. To update a single site, open its Site Drawer by clicking the Site Name as show below:

support update in site drawer

2. In the Site Drawer, locate and click the Updater button in the tools area.

3. When the Updater modal appears, click the Update All button and wait for the updates to complete. Alternatively, you may click the individual Update buttons next to the desired plugins/extensions as desired.

support update all

Update in bulk

The bulk Updater in Watchful allows you to perform all updates across all of your sites at once in a single click. However, in practice most users do not do this.  Rather, they load the bulk updater and apply small batches of bulk updates.

The most common use case in the bulk Updater is selecting a single, trusted plugin/extension and updating that on all of your sites at once. We will describe this specific use case below. 

1. Click the Updater button on the left, vertical menu as shown below:

support bulk updater

2. When the bulk Updater loads select a trusted extension from the filters at the top (as shown below at arrow #1).

3. Click the Update All button and wait for the updates to complete  (as shown below at arrow #2)

support update one extension

Update automatically

Watchful also supports automatic updates. The Knowledge Base includes a dedicated page on this topic.