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How to use the Update Scheduler

Scheduling auto-updates allows you to relax when you are away from the office as you don't have to worry that an automated update might break your site.

How does the Update Scheduler work?

The Update Scheduler allows you to exclude dates and times that automatic updates are performed. For example, you may wish to delay auto updates that occur during evenings and weekends. Auto updates resume when the excluded range passes. 

The Update Scheduler also knows the status of your backups. If backups are stale/outdated automatic updates can be delayed until backups become current.

Creating rules

  1. Ensure that at least one software has been added to the auto-update list.
  2. Click the Update Scheduler item in the menu on the left of the Watchful dashboard. This launches the rule builder.
  3. Configure each step in the builder to create the first auto update exclusion rule/schedule:
    1. Choose an exclusion rule type. This can be recurring rules (eg: every week day), one-time rules (eg: a vacation date-range), or stale backup status.   
    2. Select a scope for the rule. The scope defines what content management system and what type of software (plugin, template, etc).
    3. Select when the rule should begin. The date and time at which date-based rules begin. 
    4. Select when the rule should stop. The date and time at which date-based rules stop. 
  4. Click the Save button.
  5. Repeat as need to build a set of rules for your agency as shown in the image above.

auto update rule builder

Managing rules

Once one or more rules have been created they will appear below the rule builder as shown below. 

The buttons at the right allow you to Pause or Delete rules as needed. Existing rules can not be modified but rules can be delete and re-created as needed.

auto update rules

Auto-update overview

Software auto-updates are enabled in the Updater area of each site in your dashboard. At the bottom of the Update Scheduler is a list of all these software. 

This sortable list can be used to:

  • Review what sites have automatic updates scheduled.
  • Review the date of the most-recent update (whether applied automatically of manually).
  • Disable automatic updates entirely on a per-site and per-software basis.

auto update softwares