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How do I skip an extension update

At Watchful, we always recommend that you keep your extensions updated to the latest versions. Occasionally however, you must skip an update.

This is most common on problematic sites where 1-click updates of specific extensions are not appropriate or extensions that don’t support HTML overrides and need to have core changes applied during a manual update. 

Watchful recognizes that these and other situations require an easy way to skip a specific extension update(s) for a specific extension(s). 

To temporarily skip an extension update, add it to the Ignored Extension list for each and every site as appropriate using the link named Extensions list on the Insights column of the site.

Once added to the Ignore list, you may proceed with all your other mass updates using the typical Watchful workflows. 

Ignored extensions will always appear on the Updates list by clicking on the Extensions list or by clicking on updates icon on the right side of the website, but will not trigger update notifications by email or visually in your dashboard.