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How do I whitelist the Watchful IP address?

If you are are experiencing connection or validation issues on numerous sites, particularly on the same server, the Watchful IP Address may be blocked/blacklisted.

To solve this problem, at the server level, you can contact your host and ask them to whitelist thefollowing IP Addresses:


Automated Whitelisting

If you are a developer you can GET our Watchful IP Addresses using the link below. This is useful for automating whitelisting on your server firewall or other tools requiring whitelisting:

Web Application Firewalls

Web Application Firewall(s) installed on your website is another location that may require Watchful IP whitelisting. The configuration screens for some common firewalls are shown below. 

Cloudflare Firewall - Adding IP's

Follow the steps below to whitelist our IP's on CloudFlare

  1. Login to your account and navigate to your domain.
  2. Click on the Firewall, then the tools link.
  3. Add the 3 IP Addresses as inidicated above.
  4. Very important is to ensure the IP's are WHITELISTED.

watchful cloudflare ip whitelisting


WordFence (WordPress)

The Whitelisting options can be found in WordFence > Options > Other Options:

support wordpress wordfence firewall configuration

Akeeba Admin Tools Pro (Joomla)

The Whitelisting options can be found in Components > Admin Tools > Web Application Firewall > Configure Exceptions from Blocking tab:

support joomla admintools firewall whitelisting


RS Firewall (Joomla)

The Whitelisting options can be found in Components > RSFirewall > Blacklist/Whitelist:

support joomla rs firewall whitelisting

OSE Anti-Hacker (Joomla)

The Whitelisting options can be found in Components > OSE Anti-Hacker > IP Management:

ose anti-hacker whitelist


SecurityCheck (Joomla)

securitycheck whitelist