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Updating the Watchful Client

Watchful Client can easily be updated in a number of ways.

Update the client from the Watchful Dashboard (Preferred)

When an update is released, you should see the update in the Watchful Dashboard. Use the Update button to apply the update.

Update using the Remote Installer

If you manually downloaded the client, you can use the Install button on the Watchful Dashboard to apply the update to all your sites at once.

Update from the website backend

From the backend of you WordPress and Joomla sites, you can also use the built-in plugin update features to apply any pending updates.

Manually reinstall the plugin (Not recommended)

If you manually downloaded the client, you may install it in the backend of your WordPress and Joomla sites similar to any extension.

  • Joomla: There is no need to uninstall the existing version of the Client. Simply use the extension installer to upload and install the downloaded package. The Watchful Secret Key will not be changed, so there is no need to modify anything at Watchful.
  • WordPress: Deactivate and delete the existing Watchful client. Re-install using the plugin uploader. When the installation is complete, activate the plugin and note the NEW Watchful Secret Key. In the Watchful Dashboard, update the secret key as described elsewhere.