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How to edit site details

Typically, a site is added to your dashboard from the Watchful plugin itself. Once added, you may need to modify the settings of the site. This includes changes such as:

  • changing the site name displayed in the sites dashboard.
  • changing the word to check on your homepage when monitoring uptime.
  • changing the backup frequency.
  • changing the age at which a backup is considered stale.
  • adding an additional backup schedule.
  • adding access credentials for private sites.
  • adding site-specific notes.

To modify these and other settings:

  1. Login to your Watchful account.
  2. Open the site drawer for the site in question by clicking the name of the site.
  3. Click the site details button.
  4. In the edit site modal (shown below), make the desired changes.
  5. Click the save button.

edit site modal 2022