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Customizing the Watchful interface

The Watchful Dashboard lists useful information for all of your websites such as uptime status, backup status, and pending updates.

As shown in the video below, you can customize the information shown in the Dashboard to best suit your specific needs and preferences.

This is performed in the Dashboard Table Settings dialog which also has options for the display of filters and the default sort options. 

Similarly, the information displayed on the Remote Installer, the Updater, and to a lesser degree the Tags Manager can be customized in the appropriate table settings dialog.

Depending on which dialog is being used, the following information is available for display:

  • Actions - Placeholder for Update buttons (locked*)
  • CMS - type of CMS used on website (see also Core below)
  • Connection - status of the connection between website and Watchful
  • Core - Version of CMS installed on site (see also CMS above)
  • Current Version - Current version of an add-on installed on the website
  • Date - Date extension was released (as reported in extension installer)
  • Extension Name - Name of add-on
  • Frequency - Number of sites on which a tag is used
  • Go to website - Link to open website frontend or backend in a new window
  • IP - IP address of website
  • Last Backup - date and time of last backup
  • Messages - Placeholder for post-update messages including errors (locked*)
  • MySql - MySql version of website
  • Name - Name of tag
  • Notes - Custom notes added in Site Details area
  • PHP - PHP version on website
  • Published (deprecated) - Publication status of website (unpublished websites are not monitored)
  • Monitored - Monitoring status of the website. When disabled, the website is not monitored by Watchful (useful when doing major changes to the website, for example).
  • Server - Web server details
  • Site Name - Name of website (locked*)
  • Stale Backup
  • Tags - Tags specified for website in Site Details area
  • Target Version - Version of an add-on installed on the website once a pending update has been applied
  • Type - Type of add-on (some CMSes have different types of add-ons such as PluginsComponents, or Modules)
  • Up - Uptime status of website
  • Updates - Number of pending updates on website
  • URL - URL of website

* Cannot be revoved from the display.