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Monitoring web site uptime

One of the most basic Watchful features is the ability to to check the status of services such as Apache, PHP and MySQL. 

If these services are operating normally, you might feel confident that your web site is online. 

However, it is more accurate to say that your server is online. To check that your web site is actually loading, it is better to make a server request and check that a specific word is returned in the source code of your web site. 

When using this method, it is best to choose a single word that loads at or near the end of your home page since this will tell you that most or all of the page has loaded normally. 

For example, if we were monitoring this site — — we might select "Privacy" since this appears in the footer of the homepage. 

1. Selected an appropriate word near the bottom of your site. We recommend selecting a single word, though you may use a phrase in some situations (if using a phrase generates errors, choose a single word). 

2. Locate the Word to check field by selecting the Edit button for the appropriate site on your Dashboard.

3. Enter the word you chose in Step 1 in the Word to check field.

4. Select the Save button to confirm the change and start monitoring full-page rendering of your web site homepage.