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What are Activity Logs and how long does Watchful store them?

Activity Logs — or just Logs for short — are the details of your site that we monitor and store. It includes a wide variety of activities on yor server as described in detail below. 

How long are activity logs stored?

Below you can find the retention time for items in the Watchful logs.

In short, important things are stored forever; less important things are stored for 90 or 30 days; common notices for 1 or 7 days. 

Logged itemDescriptionRetentition Time
success Successfully connecting to website. 1 day
curl warning Warning returned while communicating with website. 7 days
plugin_value_not_saved Data from a Watchful App is not saved. 7 days
maintenance Website is in maintenance mode (WordPress only) 7 days
validation_time Time required to complete the most recent Early Warning Audit. 7 days
modified_value_canUpdate New updates are available. 7 days
redirection Site URL modified to HTTPS from HTTP. 10 days
backup_completed Backup completed. 30 days
backup_error Backup error. 30 days
cms_update_available New CMS updates are available. 30 days
update_available New plugin/extension updates are available. 30 days
file_not_exists  One or more of the files monitored in the Early Warning Audit is missing. 30 days
curl_error Error returned while communicating with website.  30 days
word_not_in_homepage The specified word to check on the homepage is missing (see also: Uptime Monitoring).  30 days
connection_failed The connection to the website has failed. 90 days
plugin_sends_info Data from a Watchful App has been saved. 90 days
modified_value_w_version The version of the Watchful plugin/extension has changed.  90 days
modified_value_IP The IP address that resolves for the website has changed.  90 days
modified_value_files One or more of the files monitored in the Early Warning Audit has been modified.  90 days
modified_file   90 days
plugin sends error A Watchful App is reporting an error.  90 days
new_extension A new plugin/extension has been installed.  forever
extension_updated A plugin/extension has been updated.   forever
extension_deleted A plugin/extension has been deleted.   forever
modified_value_php_version PHP has been updated on your server.  forever
modified_value_mysql_version MYSQL has been updated on your server.   forever
modified_value_server_version  The web server (eg. Apache/NGINX) has been updated on your server.  forever
cms_version_changed The CMS version has been updated.  forever