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How do I generate reports for my clients?

Reports are a great way to provide regular updates to your clients on the maintenance work performed on their website(s). Reports can be generated for single sites or as multi-site reports for clients with multiple domains.

Reports include data from the website activity logs, traffic information from Google Analytics, and uptime data. Reports can also be personalized and white-labelled your company name and logo. A sample report is shown above.

Please review this video to see the reporting tool in action:

Save a profile & download a report

To generate and download a report:

  1. Click the Reports link in the left menu on the Watchful Dashboard followed by the New Report button to launch the report builder tool:

    reports launch builder 2020

  2. In the Report Builder choose a filter for your reports:
    1. Sites — Choose a single site.
    2. Tags — Choose a group of sites based on a tag.
  3. Choose a delivery mode:
    1. Scheduled Email
      1. Select Email Frequency
        1. Weekly
          1. Day of the week
          2. Time
        2. Monthly
          1. Day of the Month
          2. Time
        3. Quarterly
          1. Months
          2. Day of the Month
          3. Time
    2. Manual Download
      1. Select Date Range
  4. Choose the report content. Options include:
    1. Google Analytics data
      1. You may also include analytics data from the prior reporting period.
    2. Uptime data
    3. Log data
  5. Personalize the report:
    1. Choose a custom report title. If left blank, Website Care Report will be used.
    2. Specify who prepared the report. This is commonly your company name.
    3. Upload a logo to appear on each page. This is commonly your comany logo. Landscape orientation works best. 
  6. Click Save Report Profile and enter a name for the report profile. If left blank, the site name or tag name will be used instead.
  7. Click Download Report

    reports builder 2020 05

Receiving reports automatically 

Report profiles may be saved and used regularly send reports. For example, you might use a saved profile to generate a monthly report for each client. To automatically receive reports by email: 

  1. Ensure Scheduled Email is selected as the Delivery Mode.
  2. Use the Send test email button and make sure you receive the report at your account email address.

Saved reports will be listed in a table on the Reports page as shown above. To download or modify a copy of the report:

  1. To delete a saved profile, click the Delete button at the right of the profile name.
  2. To download or modify the report, click the profile name to open the profile editing drawer.
  3. Modify the report in the builder as needed.
  4. Click the Save report profile or Download PDF buttons as appropriate.