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How do I generate reports for my clients?

Reports are a great way to provide regular updates to your clients on the maintenance work performed on their website(s).

Reports can be generated from a single site, or a group of sites with the same tag, and can include data from the Watchful Logs, traffic information from Google Analytics, and Uptime data. A sample report is shown above.

Please review this video to see the reporting tool in action:


To generate and download a report:

  1. Click the Reports link in the left menu on the Watchful Dashboard.
  2. Choose a filter for your reports
    1. Sites — Choose a single site
    2. Tags — Choose a group of sites based on a tag
  3. Select a site or tag from the lost 
  4. Select a date range
  5. Choose the report content. Options include:
    1. Google Analytics data
    2. Uptime data
    3. Log data
  6. If you are including Google Analytics data in the report, you may also include data from the prior period.
  7. Click Download Report.

report builder preview