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Single Sign-on (SSO) App

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Single Sign-On or SSO is a centralized authentication system that allows you to create one or more users with access to all of your Joomla sites.

It is ideal for team collaboration on site development and maintenance, and supports the default Joomla Usergroups.


The key features of SSO are as follows:

  1. Add a user(s) for all websites where the SSO plugin is installed.
  2. Assign user(s) to any default Joomla user group available.
  3. Users have immediate access to all your sites with the SSO plugin installed.
  4. Temporarily disable an SSO user (Users continues to exist but can not log in to your Joomla sites).
  5. Change the user password, email address and username for all websites with one click.
  6. Delete the user(s) from all websites with one click.


The restrictions of SSO are as follows:

  1. In the SSO interface, it is not possible to view, edit, or remove users created in the Joomla backend.
  2. It is not possible to create user access to only one website or just a few websites.
  3. It is not possible to specify different user groups for different websites. A user may have only one user group that will be common on all sites.
  4. In the SSO interface, it is not possible to assign a user to a custom user group created in the Joomla backend. Only the default Joomla user groups are supported.


Using SSO is fast and easy.

  1. Obtain the SSO plugin from the Downloads area of your Watchful account.
  2. Using Watchful's remote installer (recommended), or via the Joomla backend, install the SSO plugin on all websites you wish to have central user administration. 
  3. Create one or more users in the SSO area of the Watchful Dashboard (see screenshot below).
  4. Log in to your site(s) with the credentials used when creating the SSO user(s).
    • Note: SSO users created in your Watchful account are only created on a remote site when the SSO credentials are used to login to that a remote site. 

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Troubleshooting SSO

Please review this dedicated article when troubleshooting SSO

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